When I launched this website in July, I did not give much thought to the name I chose. I used a name that was familiar to me and similar to my food blog just to make it easy. I had an account that I needed to attach a name to, so I did. As the weeks went by, it started to gnaw at me. The name, while sweet (pun intended), did not hold any real meaning to me personally.

I wanted it to represent me, the products, and the business. I use a lot of botanicals in the products I make. The soaps, salves, and linen spray all use plant oils. So I wanted a name that represented nature but also growth - which is what I want for this business. After toying with a few ideas Blossoms & Bud clicked.

Blossom - (noun) the flower of a plant (verb) to produce, flourish or develop
Bud - a small growth on a plant containing foliage (leaves, flowers, or both)

These words relate to the ingredients I use and my hope for what this business will be.

Thank you for reading and joining me on this journey.

Be well,