Hello friends,

I hope this finds you well!

Recently there have been significant price changes from my suppliers; rather than cut costs by switching to cheaper ingredients and low-quality essential oils - I had to increase prices slightly. Since the start of Blossoms & Bud, I have only increased the cost per bar by $.50 until now.

I primarily use pure essential oils in my bars. As you can imagine, essential oils are pricier because they are sourced from nature and not created in a lab. While I will continue, for the time being, to use some fragrance oils in a few of my bars, I will be using more essential oils for the products I create. I will also continue to use moisturizing butter and oils.

My goal with Blossoms & Bud is to create soap and other products with the highest quality ingredients that will leave your skin feeling beautiful. Handcrafted items for your body and home that look and smell amazing. I hope you will continue with me.